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Let it Shine

All Saints' CE VA Junior And Infant School




All Saints’ believe that Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.


As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of art and design. They should also know how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

We aim to ensure that all pupils receive high quality teaching in the subject of Art.


We operate a Creative Curriculum, recognising the importance of cross-curricular, exciting topics to give art a meaningful context within which the children can express themselves. We celebrate our children’s achievements in art and craft and put it on display where we can. We always encourage and support them to achieve their best. We also give children the opportunity to extend their art skills in extra-curricular clubs and outside of school.


All Saints’ values the spiritual, moral and cultural development of its pupils and as such ensures that throughout the teaching of Art these important areas are not overlooked. The children are stimulated to challenge and question what is being taught. The they are asked to explore and uphold their values and beliefs in an environment which supports and nurtures their love of learning and natural inquisitiveness. We want our children to ask questions, to ‘Deepen the moment’ within their own unique learning experiences. Our aim is simply, to Let it Shine!


Teaching and learning - Curriculum

 All Saints’ aim to deliver Art and Design lessons which link our key Topic in engaging, memorable and meaningful ways. A progression of skills is critical to the delivery of these sessions. We aim to cover the areas of drawing, painting, 3D work, collage, printing, textiles and photography, as outlined in the New Curriculum 2014.



Is evident, with the Art lead undertaking several Teach-Meet events within the Cluster this academic year so far. This has then been fed back to the SLT and a new and improved Arts and Crafts club formed for the Spring 2 term.

Strong, professional links have also been developed with a number of artists in residence at Artworks and there are aspirations for a collaborative piece in the near future.


New For 2018-2019


From September 2018, Junior Jam has taken over PPA cover across the school. The use of iPads within the classroom aims to revolutionise the way children are taught. The current schemes for iDesign, iAnimate and iFilm each have an Art focus within their overviews and it is hoped that they will offer our pupils an additional platform from which to explore the Art and Design curriculum.


Overall Strengths

  • Pupils have a genuine love for Art and are excited to participate in Art lessons and activities
  • A number of HLTA’s have a passion for Art and have previously taught the subject across the school
  • Art is showcased around the school – along the main corridor and in the Hall
  • Celebration periods are often supported by the production of Art ( Christmas, Easter)
  • Drama takes place in each class to support the teaching of English and the writing process
  • Performance opportunities throughout the year
  • There is an extra-curricular Drama Workshop, Arts and Crafts club and an Illustration/drawing club also available


Examples of successful Art Topics taught this year:


  • The recent ‘Big Build Week’ which showcased several impression 3D works
  • Year 5 – Rain maker instruments which were presented in a fun and lively assembly to their parents
  • Year 4 –Parental involvement making straw hats and a visit to Art works
  • Year 3 – each created a replica Fossil linked to their studies in both Science and Geography


Planning and Work Scrutiny

Art work and displays are looked at and suggestions made for improvement across the school, informal drop in’s take place with the chance for the Art lead to see and discuss strengths and developments within each year group. All notable artwork is photographed and documented (evidence kept in Art Subject leader area on staff drive).

Children document their work in their Topic books and examples are displayed in classrooms and around school.


Assessing Pupils

Art is subjective and as such a difficult area to formally assess. Very much of it is based on teacher judgement and the children are encouraged to reflect in the session plenaries on their own work and that of their peers.

Most children are expected to reach the ‘expected’ level within their Year group; some will be at the ‘working towards’ stage, with a few showing ‘Greater Depth’.


From September 2014 the New National Curriculum for Art has been followed as well as the use of our online portal Target Tracker. This ensures that each year group has a progressive and transformative succession of Art skills throughout the primary phase.


Action Plan


I feel that there is a continued enthusiasm for Art across the school and that with the implementation and adherence to the schools’ online assessment portal, judgments and assessments will improve.


Moving forward it is suggested that:

  • The profile of Art is raised within school, teachers to ensure it is timetabled at least once per week.
  • Design Technology will be taught in a ‘block week’ once per term, with parental involvement.
  • Explore outdoor projects establishing links with the Church and Local Community.
  • Invite local artists in to school to run workshops as well as taking groups of children out in to the community (EAL, SEN, Disadvantaged Pupils)
  • Establish a budget for the coming year ( updated: £300 for the 2018-2019 year)


Key Targets (1-3 on the Action plan 2018-2019)

  1. To maintain the level of children reaching excepted across all year groups
  2. To measure and evaluate the progress of Boys Termly across all year groups and to maintain their current progress
  3. To increase the percentage of SEN children reaching the expected level