Dudwell Lane, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 0SD



All Saints' CE Primary School

Curriculum Overview


All Saints' School bases its curriculum on the National Curriculum 2014 for Years 1 to 6 and for Reception, the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage.    

Children learn Maths and English daily in all year groups from Reception to Y6.

Our Phonics and Early Reading are delivered through a programme called Little Wandle, Letters and Sounds.  Once children have progressed to reading fluently, they receive Reading sessions during English lessons along with 1:1 Reading sessions.  Key Stage 2 classes are also taught reading comprehension skills through our 8 step literacy sequence.  All children are able to take home reading books at their reading level and a sharing book (EYFS and KS1) or Reading for Pleasure (KS2) books to share with an adult at home.  Children have 1:1 reading sessions regularly with these being more regular for those still developing fluency. 


Curriculum Intent


By ‘curriculum’, we mean any aspect of the school’s work that develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. This includes but is not restricted to:

Group and individual intervention sessions (academic as well as Personal and Social)
Assemblies and worship
Enrichment events such as workshops, enterprise events, speakers, special themed events and educational visits
Family Learning Events and Performances
Extra-curricular activities before and after school and during lunchtime

Our vision has always helped us to define our direction in supporting our children to shine both in school and beyond.

Through our curriculum we will:

Support each other to grow
Help one another to achieve
Inspire life-long learners
Nurture our own and others' uniqueness
Encourage through our Christian Values 



At All Saints', we promote a full, rich, personalised and determined curriculum, which has been designed with the children's interests at the core. Its bespoke design has encompassed the views of all stakeholders with a particular focus on children; we believe that it is not only a good education that is important but the right education for each learner. Having addressed pupils' barriers to learning, we pride ourselves on being inclusive.

Our curriculum is implemented through well-taught and appropriately sequenced content; thoughtfully designed assessment practice (through the use of our key questions) and consideration of an appropriate model of progression. Our quality-first teaching provides pupils with 'deepen the moment' opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills and to promote a depth of learning in all subject areas.

The school's culture and ethos of 'SHINE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE permeates the foundations of this curriculum. The impact is seen through pupil outcomes, pupil engagement, work scrutiny, curriculum celebration events, and 'be the best that you can be' celebration.

Teachers at All Saints' ensure curriculum design creates learning experiences that excite, hook, inspire and engage all learners. We are passionate about instilling transferable knowledge and skills across the curriculum. We hold high aspirations for all pupils and invest time and resources into nurturing talents and interests so learners can flourish academically and personally.

To create effective learners in our school, we encourage endurance and a growth mindset when faced with a new challenge and we teach this through our seeds of happiness program. This promotes independent, resilient and successful learners, who are confident to take risks. 

In addition to covering the National Curriculum and Early Years' framework, we aim to shape our curriculum so that it prepares children for the next stage of their education and promotes British Values alongside our own school values and ethos that ‘It’s okay to be different'. We enrich our curriculum through additional content and skills as determined by the specific needs of our children, our community, and the wider society.

Through our curriculum, we aim to address the following areas which we know are pertinent to All Saints':


  • We need to enable children to acquire knowledge and skills across all subjects and understand the distinction between different subjects so that they all have the chance to shine and recognise their strengths and talents. 


  • We need to ensure that provision for Personal, Social, Emotional and Health Education is strong so that children become confident learners and have an accessible toolkit from which they can draw upon to show endurance and resilience. 


  • We want children to understand how they can make a difference in the world and how they can be courageous advocates to achieve this.


  • We need to enable children to develop their long-term memory so that they can understand how to move relevant information between their working memory and their long-term memory when they need to so they know more and remember more.


  • We want children to learn about diversity so that they understand and appreciate diversity beyond their own community.


  • We want children to know how to keep themselves safe including when they are online, within their families, and in the wider community so that they are able to keep themselves and others in their families safe and are able to live as good citizens.


  • We want children to develop strong reading skills and have a love for reading so that they can enjoy a wide breadth of stories and find information as they need it.


  • We want children to know how to stay healthy (physically and mentally).


  • We want children to develop leadership skills so that they can take on trusted roles in school and demonstrate reliability and responsibility.