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What French looks like at All Saints'

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French at All Saints’




It has been shown that learning a second language from an early age improves cognitive development. The bilingual brain has been proven to possess greater capability for multitasking and duration of focus in comparison to the monolingual brain; which in turn benefits the learning experience of children in all subjects throughout school.


French at All Saints’ is inclusive, accessible for all and interactive. It provides children with an engaging way to develop their skills and starts them on their journey to becoming knowledgeable linguists.


Curriculum Coverage


Over the year we will cover:

  • Greetings and conversational phrases
  • Numbers
  • Months of the year and celebrations
  • Parts of the body
  • Colours
  • Animals
  • Vegetables and Food
  • Weather
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Sports


As this is the first year All Saints’ has included French in its curriculum, basic skills and vocabulary have been covered across Key Stage 2 to ensure all children have a solid foundation for further French learning. This will be developed and built upon in the following years to provide children with a well-rounded understanding of French ready for their progression to Secondary School.


Wow! Moments


Planned for Summer Term is a fantastic experience that will build on the established MFL day of last year. The children will get the opportunity to experience different aspects of French culture (including landmarks, music and food). They will also be able to utilise their growing knowledge of the French language and their developing skills to complete various activities throughout the day that link to French culture.


Cross Curricular links


Through the teaching of French, children are exposed to customs and traditions different from our own. It is through this that they are able to develop their understanding of the world and their respect and empathy for others also grows.


Instructions are given in French during the lesson but this can also feature in other subjects. Similarly, registers and the song “Happy Birthday” take place in French.


Progression of Skills from Y3-Y6


Due to being in the first year of delivery of the French curriculum, we are eager to observe progression over the coming years as we continue to tailor the curriculum to our students.


Currently, the progression has been focused on a deepening of knowledge from lower Key Stage 2 to upper Key Stage 2. Emphasis for lower Key Stage 2 is predominantly on spoken French and occasionally recording written French in phrases whereas in upper Key Stage 2 written vocabulary is recorded weekly in individual French books for the children to refer back to. In upper Key Stage 2 there is also the added expectation of progressing from individual words and phrases to creating fully formed, grammatically correct sentences.


Moderation and Assessment


Each lesson begins with a recapitulation of previous learning. This enables us to continually monitor the level of understanding of pupils and aid in developing areas that require reinforcement. We hold a more formal style of assessment half-termly.


CPD opportunities


Staff members are encouraged to sit in on the sessions to increase their own knowledge with a view that they can deliver the content effectively themselves from next year forward.


Moving forward –


  • Moving forward we aim to increase the coverage of French in the curriculum and ensure it has a more prominent place in All Saints’.
  • Continually monitor the efficacy of the current curriculum.
  • Investigate the potential to invite French speakers in to class.