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All Saints' CE VA Junior And Infant School

Religious Education

At All Saints', we follow the agreed Local Syllabus for RE and the Understanding Christianity publication. This provides us with a breadth of key learning skills for all major world religions (with some units providing children with knowledge about other faiths and denominations) . Our children also have the opportunity to visit different places of worship, partake in Godly Play at another local Church school and work with the Hand to Mouth team to further enhance our RE curriculum. 


Well done, All Saints'!

We have been awarded Calderdale's RE Award! The award celebrates an effective RE curriculum is in place and affirms the quality of leadership and the learning of pupils.

Thank you to Mrs Dumbreck, our Worship Committee, Head Boy and Head Girl and all of our wonderful children and staff. 

Our report, written by Ian Ross (July 2018), states: 

"There is a clear commitment to helping children develop their understanding of SMSC and the Fundamental Values."

"Thank you for your welcome to school. I very much enjoyed my visit and appreciated your commitment to RE and diversity and your openness to explore the next steps." 

Religious Education Overview 2019

All Saints’ School is a Church of England (Aided) School and as such, Christianity is the focus for Religious Education. We follow a combination of the ‘Understanding Christianity’ scheme and the Leeds and York Diocesan Syllabus for RE, both of which uphold the Church of England foundation of our school. We as a school endeavour to ensure children develop a broad knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other major world faiths in line with recommendations from the Leeds and York Diocesan and the  Department for Education (Religious Education in Schools: Non-statutory guidance 2010).

The key purpose of the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource is to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. It does this by integrating pupils’ developing understanding of significant theological concepts in Christianity with their own self-understanding. Pupils also understand the world, as part of their wider religious literacy along with enabling pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith. This is done by exploring core theological concepts.  Pupils are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills in making sense of biblical texts and understand their impact on the lives of Christians.  We aim to develop pupils’ abilities to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of religion and belief (particularly Christianity), of themselves, the world and human experience.

We view RE as the exploration and understanding of concepts, facts, skills and attitudes associated within religious beliefs and values. These beliefs and values are centred around the understanding of a “Divine Power” We encourage children to foster attitudes of tolerance, empathy and respect for religions other than Christianity, children need to have an understanding of, and knowledge about, faiths other than their own. Pupils understanding of world faiths is often supported and enhanced by visitors and pupils sharing their own experiences, especially during key festivals. Children this academic year are being encouraged to ‘deepen the moment’ this new initiative allows children to discuss questions and develop their spirituality and thinking.

RE is also concerned with the moral and spiritual development of the child. Besides learning about religion children in our school should learn through religious experiences - the wider school curriculum also contributes to this aspect of a pupil’s education. Pupils attend other world faith places of worship. Throughout the year six core values are explored once a half term and class worship diaries are updated with relevant reflection and activities.

Reflection areas around school and in classrooms provide the children with opportunities to develop their spirituality questioning and understanding. The areas also arouse interest and enthusiasm for the core values and allow children to think and respond spirituality, emotionally and confidentially.

Prayer is an integral part of our RE provision within school. Pupils pray throughout the day and during worship time. The children are aware of the lord’s Prayer and what it means, this is enhanced by Reverend Lees and Hand to Mouth Ministries who regularly led whole school worship and workshops.


Overall Strengths

  • Reflection areas implemented throughout school, used effectively by all age groups and children recording spiritual feelings and ideas. Areas being used well in classrooms too.
  • Understanding Christianity embedded in lessons and evident in books and Re displays.
  • All books show great coverage and evidence of wide range of learning opportunities including writing across the curriculum.
  • Evidence of UC resources and planning
  • Collective worship and reflection time on a Friday used effectively to further develop and promote Core Values.
  • Reflection areas in classrooms are used effectively and changed termly, linked to core value for the half term.
  • Collective worship led well by all teachers and SLT. Observations so children are given the opportunity to respond and enjoy each worship.
  • Most pupils making at least 4 steps progress from the end of Summer 2.
  • Implementation of Open The Book
  • Adviser from the diocese- worship diaries and teaching of RE across school

Recent Successes

Y5 trip to a Mosque

Collaboration with Holy Trinity school- Child led worship in the form of Godly Play.

Art Day linked to Faith- Local artist worked with all KS2 children to produce a piece of art work based on the bible story- Abraham and Sarah. This art work is now displayed in the Hall.

Fortnightly Open The Book sessions led by the church volunteers, these stores are brought to life in an exciting and memorable way for the children.

The Church Garden, the Encourage and Nurture Team are working closely with the Church to promote and support this new initiative.

Hand to Mouth Ministries leading workshops, collective worships and spiritual journeys across school.

Key Targets from Action Plan

  • To raise the percentage of boys and SEND achieving expected progress to 85-90% and greater depth to 25-30%. (2017-2018 86% expected)
  • Implementation of a rigorous and robust assessment tool for RE.
  • Develop assessment material to ensure progression through school and accurate assessment.

We are working closely with the Diocese to enhance the assessment of RE across school. Termly CPD is taking place and Subject Leader is attending training.

Cross Curricular links

English- extended writing opportunities in RE and English.

Geography- linking spiritually and morally to the world being a gift from God and how we should look after it.

Music- learning and exploring hymns.

Next steps

Implement a more rigorous assessment tool for RE

Develop children’s spirituality and awe and wonder

Promote our values being ‘lived out across school’

Visit other places of worship