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Growth Mindset & Shining Bright

Grow your brain!

Welcome to our Growth Mindset page.  Here at All Saints Growth Mindset is of a high priority, where we encourage children to learn more, know more and remember more.
Carol Dweck is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation. She focuses on why people succeed and how to foster this success in schools.
In her research on motivation and achievement, Dweck introduces the idea of Mindset. Mindsets are beliefs about yourself and your basic qualities such as your intelligence, your talents and your personality.

People with a fixed mindset believe that their traits are just given to them so people with this mindset worry about how adequate or inadequate they are instead of developing their traits. They believe that their talent alone creates success- without effort and they are reluctant to take on challenges.
People with a growth mindset, on the other hand see their traits as just the starting point and that these can be developed by dedication, hard work and effort. This view creates resilience and a love of learning.

When we encourage a Growth Mindset in children they then become enthusiastic learners. A Growth Mindset means that their intelligence can be developed which has a positive effect on their motivation and subsequently their achievement. Dweck’s research shows that we produce confident learners when we praise students for the process they engage in and not for being bright, clever or talented.

What does Growth Mindset look like at All Saints?

Here at All Saints we are developing our ‘Growth Mindset’ and encouraging the children to understand that it is not simply that they cannot do something, but that belief that they just cannot do it yet!
As part of this:
• Every child has the opportunity to complete leaves (both at home and in school) to help ‘grow’ our tree with examples of how we have demonstrated a growth mindset. This is displayed in our school hall.
• Children have daily reminders of words and phrases they can use to embrace challenge and overcome obstacles.
• One of our weekly SHINE achievement awards is linked to children who have displayed a growth mindset.